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about me

about me


My name is Justine KL and I’d like to welcome you to my little corner of the interwebs with a little about me section!  I started caring about what I eat and how I live, in terms of sustainability and environmentally friendly practices when I was in my last years of college.  I’ve discovered that there are plenty of examples of an ideal way to live sustainably out there on the internet.  However, this is real life!  Nothing is perfect!  I’m here to show you how you can easily incorporate sustainable living tips and ideas into your real life, too!


My husband, B, and I live on the west side of the state of Michigan, in close proximity to beautiful Lake Michigan!  We met at the University of Michigan, where I earned a teaching degree and he earned an engineering degree.  We bleed maize and blue and love going to Ann Arbor and watching football games!

Our only kiddo is a fur kid.  His name is Bennie (Bennie Oosterbaan – legendary UM football player/coach) and he is a Boston Terrier.  He loves the sunshine, heat registers, and being under the covers in bed.

food and gardens and fashion

Part of my commitment to real food and green living is an obsession with gardening!  I’m also a Master Gardener!  I took the classes with my mom during the fall of 2016 and I’m now working on my volunteer hours.  I HIGHLY recommend taking that course through your local university extension office. I also have a bit of a house plant problem.  Once winter hits, I find it impossible to go to Meijer and come home without a new plant.  I need all the green things.

In addition to eating sustainably, locally, and healthily, I’m also very interested in ethical fashion and I may write a bit about that here.  I believe in buying better and buying less.  I have a fairly small, carefully curated wardrobe.  I rarely wear patterns and I love sweaters/sweatshirts/cardigans.  I also love jeans.

And finally, I’m all about Jesus. #loveGod #lovepeople

Thanks for taking a little time to get to know a little more about me!