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how to grill a pizza

Grill your pizza!

Because it’s summertime, I firmly believe that all pizza should be grilled or take-out!  We’ve had a hot one in West Michigan this year so I have avoided turning on my oven.  I’m sure many of you can relate!  Instead, I like to send my hubby out to stand over a hot grill while I prep the food and make drinks inside…#winningsummer.  Our personal favorite grilled item is homemade pizza!

Low Fuss Grilled Pizza

Don’t worry!  This is real life, remember?  I’m not going to send you out to make your own pizza dough or your own mozzarella cheese (though, if you do, you are an amazing human being and I applaud your work).  I’m very lucky to have a vendor at our local farmers market who makes amazing pizza crusts with very few ingredients.  We usually grab the smaller size (10-12″) in either Italian Herb or Three Cheese.  Yum.  Toppings include sauce (which I do make myself – SO EASY and WONDEROUS, but you can use store-bought too!), (mozzarella and parmesan are the faves.  I get these from Aldi, generally.  Sidenote: have y’all checked out the Aldi cheese selection?!  Be still, my cheese loving heart.), meat of some variety (usually pepperoni, sometimes Canadian bacon or regular bacon), whatever veggies I dig out of the freezer or pick fresh from the garden, and herbs.

How to Change Your Pizza Life

Ok, here is the important stuff.  The tips for grilling the most amazing pizza of your life.

  1. Always brush your pizza crust with olive oil and toss it on the grill for a few minutes BEFORE putting toppings onto it.  This makes a nice toasty, not soggy crust.
  2.   While your crust is toasting and you have delegated the job of watching it to someone else, prep your toppings.  If you are making any type of meat pizza, I HIGHLY recommend frying the meat in your cast iron skillet (any skillet will work, cast iron is just ideal for this).  This makes the meat crunchy and amazing – it doesn’t have time to crisp up on the grill so you will have soft pepperonis or Canadian bacon if you skip this step.
  3. When the crust has been grilled for just a few minutes, bring it back in for its toppings.  First, brush the other side with olive oil.  Then put the sauce on the side that has already been grilled.  Pile on all the good stuff.
  4. Send it back out to the grill person for a few minutes of toasting.  You are looking for your cheese to melt, but not so long that you burn the bottom.
  5. Slide it off!  A pizza peel is ideal for this but it can be done with a plate or spatulas.
  6. Slice and enjoy your taste of the summer!

Extra Goodies

As I mentioned, I do make my own sauce and I’ll do a post on that, later this summer when my tomato plants are going crazy.  But here is a little preview:  I roast tomatoes, peppers, garlic, red pepper flakes, whatever is lying around!  Then, I toss it all in my food processor and whip it all up.  That’s it.  I either freeze it for later or use it within a few days.

As far as herbs go, you can’t beat basil on pizza.  My basil plants are going nuts this year so I’m using a lot of it on pizza and in pasta!  Now, head out there and make a grilled pizza!


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