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Three homemaking tasks for a rainy day

3 rainy day indoor homemaking tasks

It’s been rainy here for the past 3 days.  Apparently, the April showers didn’t realize the calendar changed.  While I’d rather be outside puttering around in my gardens, I recognize the need for rainy days.  Rainy days, during the busy spring season, remind me to slow down and reset.  So, I’ve compiled a list of three things, just three, to get accomplished when you are stuck inside on a rainy day.Three Tasks for a Rainy Day

Top 3 Rainy Day Tasks

  1. Wash your bedding: I take advantage of hours inside to work through washing all the bedding.  Sheets and blankets are easy but comforters and pillows can take longer.  Thus, a perfect rainy day activity!  Remember, pillows should be washed every 3-6 months!  Pillows can get super gross – dead skin, itty-bitty mites, grease from hair, ICK.  WASH. YOUR. PILLOWS.
  2. Inventory the pantry:  Some of you might be amazing at keeping up with this, but I need a reset every few months.  I keep pantry, freezer, and canning inventories on my fridge.  I do my best to remember to update it when I shop or use something, but the best intentions and all that.  This is real life, not my ideal homemaking life.  So, today I went through my canned goods and made an updated list.  As we are approaching the time when I will need to start canning again,  I wanted to make sure I had an up-to-date list so I know how to plan for this year.  I was also pleasantly surprised to find that I still had 5 jars of our favorite salsa hidden in the pantry!
  3. Vacuum the stairs:  Ugh.  I hate this task.  We have one set of carpeted stairs but they curve around with 2 landings.  They are awkward and difficult to vacuum.  But, we use the upstairs frequently, as we both have an office there, and we have a dog that loves to run up and down.  I must clean the stairs.  So, a rainy day seems like a good time to do this unpleasant, yet necessary, task.

Your Rainy Days

How about you?  What tasks do you get accomplished on rainy days?  Do you tackle an enjoyable task or do you get an unpleasant one out of the way?

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