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first day of spring

How to celebrate the first day of spring & make plans

It’s the first day of spring!  As a resident of a state that experiences all four seasons, I’m particularly delighted by the first day of spring.

Looking back – winterdreaming of gardens on the first day of spring

Winter is not my season.  The long dreary gray days that we tend to have to endure in Michigan make me feel blue.  I try to do a variety of things to mitigate the blah feelings.  This year I added vitamin D supplements and magnesium to my routine of sitting by a sun lamp in the morning.  I also got a new alarm clock that gradually lights up before beeping.  This has been a game changer for me.  Our bedroom is on the northwest corner of our house, which results in zero light getting in during the winter mornings.  I also made a greater effort to get outside, even when it was cold out, to soak up as much winter sunshine as possible.  If you live in a northern area, what do you do to get through the dark winter days?

dreaming of gardens on the first day of springLooking forward – spring

Now, on this first day of spring, I’m soaking up the sunshine by my classroom window during morning break.  The weather isn’t that different from yesterday’s weather, but it feels more hopeful today.  We had a lightning storm last night and that felt like a fitting way to usher in the new season.  As for myself, I’m getting ready to start seeds indoors, I’ve ordered some perennials to be delivered in about a month, and I’m starting to plan out my spring cleaning.  I won’t be starting seeds or cleaning until after spring break, but I’ll be sharing my methods here.  For the moment, you can check out my seed starting planning process here, on the blog.

dreaming of gardens on the first day of springHow about you?

Do you look forward to the first day of spring?  Do the seasonal changes carry significance for you?  What are your spring plans?  Seeds?  Cleaning?  Traveling?  Just enjoying the lengthening days?


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